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Do you want to innovate and explore new markets? Would you like to sell more of your products? If so our friends at the Farm Business Innovation Show (FBIS) help open up suppliers to new opportunities and partners. How? they provide landowners with exciting new opportunities and ways to develop their land

the following is a case study, which is in progress, so details have been kept confidential. 

a supplier contacted FBIS looking for ways to be introduced to landowners, who are looking to develop their land. Laura and the team got in touch with developers who were looking for something a bit different. One such developer was looking to build on their success of opening several glamping resorts. This year they wanted to diversify the range of accommodation, with luxury holiday villas. The supplier was an experienced seller of luxury garden offices and annexes so was excited to take on the work – they’d be selling not just one, but a dozen to fill the resort. However, this was not a done deal: the supplier had to not only convince the developers, but the local planning authority. It’s a good job Laura had previously reached out to us because now there was an exciting opportunity for us to work together.  We worked with the supplier, loading their design into our app and produced the following proposed visual


this is just one of the accommodation units, to be situated in various locations around the site. 

connecting landowners and suppliers provides exciting new opportunities for innovation. If you’d like to see how building relationships with developers and exhibiting at the Farm Business Innovation Show can benefit your business please contact Laura


Laura Davis


0117 9296087





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