Why INsitu™

INsitu™ brings the power of 3D visualisation to your business. Showcase your products, to your customers, in interactive, immersive 3D experiences: attract, with interactive 3D product previews; engage with customisable product experiences; convince, with Augmented Reality (AR) – give a realistic impression of your products, in your customer’s home/garden. To put it simply, INsitu™ 3D product experiences, convert more customers.

Showcase your 3D Products

3D Product Catalogues

transform your product listings into interactive, 3D, Product catalogues & Engage your customers.
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Product Builder

Allow your customers to configure your products within an easy to use interface.
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Augmented Reality

Give your customers a realistic impression of what your products will look like in their home or garden.
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Manage your 3D Products

Your personal account & dashboard for managing your 3D content; upload, organise, and distribute your 3d content from one central hub. Categorise your products into collections and create your 3D Product Catalogues; generate links, to embed your 3D products on your website or share on social media.

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The Technology


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

INsitu’s AI Engine interprets and transforms your products into Smart customisable 3D models.


Computer Vision (CV)

INsitu’s CV, Image processing, algorithms analyse your customer’s imagery, for spatial information and visual clues.

INsitu is a useful part of our design process as well a great lead generator. We recently took the opportunity to show what an outdoor kitchen and bar would look like, fortunately the client agreed and what was five minutes changed a £10,000 job into a £45,000 project.

Tim Sharples - Cedar Nursery Partner

Our Early Adopters


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