showcase your 3D models, to your customers

INsitu gives you the power, to showcase your 3D products, to your customers, through a variety mediums and touch points across the web: create 3d product catalogues and organise your products into collections; generate 3D product previews and embed in your website; share across your social networks; include Augmented Reality (AR) Buttons in your online store, and give an immediate impression of what your products will look like in their home and garden, before they buy.


Your Private Admin Panel, is your companies dashboard for managing your 3D content; upload, organise, and distribute your 3d content from one central hub:

dashboard/Admin Panel

Organise your products into collections and the corresponding categories, containing your products will be created in your 3D product catalogue:

Your 3d product catalogue is the complete directory of all your 3d content, found at your INsitu home page. Share w/ you customers, and allow them to browse your products within the entire range of your products. They’ll then be able to, select anyone of your products and experience it in Augmented reality.

Share Your 3d Models

in your admin panel, in the bottom right hand corner of the your model’s thumbnail’s are code/links to distribute and share your models across the web:

1. embeddable link; 2 direct sharing link; 3. Augmented Reality

Simply click the icon, to create the link/code – which’ll be copied to your clipboard – and use as described below:

1. Embeddable Link (INsitu Web PV ™)

Simply paste the generated code, within your webpage (at the desired location), to embed a 3d product preview within your website.

The 3D preview, only allows the user to explore the product in 3D – there are no Augmented reality features – and therefore is known as the INsitu web-based Product viewer or web PV. 

2. AR Link (INsitu web AR ™)

This link will take you straight to the AR capabilities of INsitu with this model preloaded. It’s intended to be assigned to buttons. So for example, if a customer is browsing your product feed –  and they click the this button


3. a direct/sharing link (INsitu Web PV ™)

of the 3d model eg…..

for emailing or socially sharing 3d previews (web PV) of your models

Integrating INsitu into your online store

click the link below to see an example of how INsitu can be integrated within a E-commerce store:

INsitu and your online store

  1. the 3d Product viewer (INsitu web PV ™) has been included in the product listing
  2. a green INsitu button has been added below the product description. when clicked, the Augmented reality application (INsitu™ web AR) will launch
  3. A tweet button has been added below the product description. when clicked, a tweet will be composed with a link the the 3d viewer (INsitu™ web PV).