glass – rendering improvements

April 15, 2016EdwardINsitu App Development, UncategorizedNo Comments

We want to assimilate buildings into their context as realistically as possible. Glass reflects it’s surrounding environment, blurring the lines between what is real and what is rendered. Initially the glass was reflecting; but only at certain angles; In the example below the reflection isn’t that prominent. We worked at adding complete 360 degree coverage to […]

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Sun Controls

April 5, 2016EdwardUncategorizedNo Comments

when you upload an image you’ll will notice a new icon, the sun icon:   In most cases INsitu will be able to accurately simulate the suns position in the sky, so you’ll then be able to control the intensity: Sometimes, INsitu needs a helping hand; which is where you come in: Angle to control […]

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Modular Prefab Construction part 1 – where do you slot in?

January 19, 2016Edwardmodular & prefab constructionNo Comments

  Assembling building components onsite, that were originally made offsite, is modular prefabricated construction. I’ll explore the advantages through the various industries and how this defines them. You’ll notice that there are aspects which rather than set the sectors apart, unite them. Garden rooms and offices (UK) Backyard rooms(AU) Is it the “extra space” the buyer wants? Yes it […]

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rendering improvements part 2: materials

November 5, 2015EdwardUncategorizedNo Comments

  previously,  we demonstrated INsitu realistically rendering the users environment. Having gone to alot of hardwork, simulating lighting and atmospheric conditions, we wanted to ensure that the 3D models showcased this. We focussed on making the materials more realistic – manipulating their parameters – so that they respond to the environment. material relief – bump mapping Materials in real […]

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rendering improvements part 1: lighting & weather

August 19, 2015EdwardINsitu App DevelopmentNo Comments

Until now, we’d only focused on matching the scale and perspective of 3D models to their environment. Recent feedback, highlighted the need to accurately match the lighting and atmosphere too. We still have some tweaking to do, and the materials need improving to better reflect the improved environment, but INsitu now simulates the climatic conditions of the user’s uploaded […]

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